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Sensor Story Contest - Our Last Winner: Andreas Ginther with His Smart Mailbox and other Smart Home Projects

We are very pleased to announce the last PRTG Sensor Contest winner: Andreas Ginther, who dealt with the topic of Smart Home and who has taken us by storm with his love of detail and excellent documentation.

PRTG and Your Daily Life #1 - Ledunia, the Wi-Fi-Enabled IoT Dev Board

»The Internet of Things is not a concept; it is a network, the true technology-enabled network of all networks.« – Edewede Oriwoh It’s hard to think of anything more vague than the term Internet of Things. It can mean anything from concrete trends, pieces of tech to a network of physical devices, home appliances, vehicles, and other items, embedded with software, sensors and network connectivity - which enable these objects to connect and exchange data. The Internet of Things promises a complete new era of network monitoring, where the number of things that are connected to the network and the amount of data they generate will grow exponentially.

The Top 5 Causes of Sudden Network Spikes

Something happens after IT teams implement a bandwidth monitoring solution: They get inquisitive. Most bandwidth monitoring solutions make it easy for IT teams to identify alarming or sudden peaks in their network traffic by communicating the data through graphical interfaces. There are many different causes of sudden network spikes, and as a good sysadmin you should find the root cause of any unusual bandwidth usage.

Connected Bodies: How Managing Our Health Has Become a Series of Disaster Recovery Processes

All your servers are down! Customers are blowing up your phones! Competitor's bots are making your system crash their marketing victory on Twitter! The disaster recovery plans that we thought sound are not standing up, and our SLA's with our business partners are not being met! Sound familiar? 

All You Need to Know About PRTG and Meltdown / Spectre

The new year began with bad IT related news. For the last week everybody has been talking about Meltdown and Spectre. What sounds like a nuclear accident or a James Bond movie in the first moment, are both major security issues exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors.

PRTG & The Exchange Admin– Monitoring Exchange as a Business Service

To round off this series of articles on how PRTG can help monitor Microsoft Exchange, I thought I’d look at things from a different perspective, that of Exchange as a business service, rather than just a collection of IT components.

Paessler AG Starts the Year 2018 with a New CEO

Christian Twardawa, former COO, takes over the CEO role from our founder Dirk Paessler, who resigned from this position on January 1st 2018.

Enabling The Cyber Hunter - “Detection After The Fact”

We keep hearing about the staggering volumes of Terabyte attacks. The only way to neutralize such attacks is an distributed stateless approach combined with state of the art machine learning algorithms.

Meeting Compliance - “Old Tools? Tread Carefully Or Revamp To A Higher Tier Security”

The security space is filled with solutions that focus firmly on the detection side of the cyberspace continuum. Almost all of the industry is talking about cutting-edge detection and automated DDoS mechanisms. When you examine the security landscape, it's not only the things you know that are bad on your network, it's the things that you are not aware of yet that cause the damage.

Outbound DDoS - Knowing is Good But Knowing Everything Is ‘Even Better’

Every inbound DDoS is also one of more outbound DDoSes. Outbound DDoS may not fill up the pipes or take critical services offline but if we are to stop cyber criminals, we have to work together and the time is now to be that friendly network neighbor.

PRTG & The Exchange Admin: More Metrics That Matter

Here, in the fifth part of the series on how PRTG can help the Exchange Admin, we’re again looking at metrics that matter. This time concentrating on Active Directory performance, Networking and the .NET Framework on which many Exchange functions depend.

NetFlow Reporting Beyond PRTG

PRTG’s NetFlow sensors give you an overview about your top talkers, top protocols, and top connections. If you are looking to expand on PRTG’s NetFlow Reporting capability, you should have a look at Scrutinizer which can deliver tremendous benefit to PRTG users.  A brief overview on the PRTG NetFlow Integration has been posted to YouTube.

[Podcast] The Geek and The Sales Guy #7: The Christmas Special

In this Christmas Special of The Geek and the Sales Guy, Rupert and Simon share their "love" for the big day by running through the typical Yuletide build-up process in the UK, compare that with some strange traditions from around the globe and confirm their all-time favourite Christmas things. Although it's safe to say one of the pair didn't quite read the script for that bit...

Know the Future Now: IT Trends 2018 - Security, SDI, Customer Experience, Augmented Reality

In the first part of our IT Trends 2018, I wrote about IoT, Cloud, and RESTful APIs. Today I come closer to the system administrator’s daily live before I take another outlook to a new area that might move more into administrator’s focus in the future.

[Podcast] Interview: The Future of the IT Channel – A Case of "Get Big or Get Niche"?

In the second instalment of our PRTG podcast interview slot, "Paessler Rupert's Thorough Grilling" - a slightly more serious offshoot of "The Geek and the Sales Guy" - we take a look at the future of the IT channel.